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Daily Prompt: The Intervie My favorite character is Doraemon. I would ask him when is he going back to the future because he came from the future.


Daily Prompt: Unconventional Love.

I do not explore love over the weekend and I do not have an unconventional love too.

Daily Prompt: Unconventional Love

Daily Prompt: Fill In the Blank.

Three people walk into the bar, they order 10 bottles of beer. They drink it all and they get drunk. Then they go home.

Daily Prompt: Evasive Action.

I lind of a open person so I do not have a secret.

Daily Prompt: Hi, Mom!.

Hi mom, thank you for everything you’ve given me, and everything you did for me. Nothing can explain the greatness from

Daily Prompt: Hi, Mom!

you to me. I love you.

Daily Prompt: Morphing.

My new word is Superman. It means strong and brave. For example, he is very superman. So it means that he is very strong.

Daily Prompt: Morphing

Daily Prompt: Landscape.

Trees. Trees make up a forest, so what I see first is the trees.

Daily Prompt: Landscape